Creavo signs distribution agreements in Europe and the Middle East

Creavo Medical Technologies has signed its first agreements to distribute medical devices in Europe and the Middle East.

The agreements, which have been signed with distribution partners in Ireland, Sweden and Kuwait, will enable market launch in these countries and for Vitalscan devices to be sold for investigator-led research projects.

Vitalscan, which is the first device developed by Creavo Medical Technologies, could revolutionise the way patients with chest pain are managed by emergency departments. It works by conducting a non-invasive, three to five-minute scan at a patient’s bedside to aid the rule out of significant cardiac conditions, such as heart attacks, using advanced quantum principles to measure, store and display the electromagnetic fluctuations caused by heart activity.

CEO of Creavo Medical Technologies, Steve Parker, said: “We are very pleased with the commercial partnerships we have established and it marks another step in the process of bringing our innovative technology to market.

“At a time when emergency departments are facing increasing pressures, Vitalscan has the potential to radically change the triage process for patients arriving at emergency department with chest pain. These distribution partnerships mean that we can now build on the momentum from the launch of our multi-centre clinical study, testing the device in four of the busiest A&E departments in the UK, with further trials in other countries globally.”

Creavo Medical Technologies was established in 2014 to bring to market ground-breaking technology developed by Professor Ben Varcoe, Chair of Quantum Information Science at Leeds University. A largescale, multi-centre clinical trial involving Vitalscan started at the beginning of 2017, marking the largest ever clinical trial of a magnetocardiography device.