Creavo Medical Technologies is an innovative British company developing diagnostics technology for acute medical settings.

The company was set up to commercialise technology that was developed at the University of Leeds by Professor Ben Varcoe that will revolutionise front-line patient triage for chest pain; speeding decision-making, offering better patient management and crucially saving time and NHS resources.


Further Information

Interview: Prof Mark Kearney

Professor Mark Kearney talks about current guidelines and their implications.

Reducing diagnosis time for potential cardiac conditions

Watch Creavo Medical Technologies in a current-affairs style programme produced by ITN Productions in partnership with the NHS Alliance.

Interview: Dr Francis Morris

Dr Francis Morris talks about identifying patients with heart attacks.

Latest News


Read our CSO’s latest blog in the Huffpost

Our Chief Scientific Officer, Professor Ben Varcoe, has written a blog on HuffPost about how our device uses magnetocardiography to help rule out cardiac conditions in chest pain patients, helping to combat the volume of them put through the lengthy A&E triage process. Click here to find out more.


European Society of Cardiology Congress 2017

Creavo will be attending the European Society of Cardiology in Barcelona from 26 – 30 August. Come and visit us on stand H650, we would love to hear from you!


New device can rule out heart attacks in 3-5 minutes, saving £200m a year

We recently spoke to medical news website, Building Better Healthcare, about Vitalscan and how its technology has the potential to revolutionise the treatment of chest pain patients in A&E departments. Read more here.


Meeting the needs of the public sector with startup innovation

Read an article on Business Advice from our CEO Steve Parker which advises startup businesses on how to go about meeting the needs of the public sector. The article draws on Creavo’s own success in getting Vitalscan into an NHS multi-centre clinical trial. Click here to read the full article.


Battery-powered bedside scanner that takes just three minutes to detect if someone may have had a heart attack

Read some of the latest news coverage on our device, Vitalscan, in the Mail Online click here for the full article


Heart device on trial that could save the NHS £200 million a year

Read some of the latest news coverage on our device, Vitalscan, in the Health Tech Newspaper which discusses its current clinical trials and how it aims to combat some of the current statistics around chest pain patients in emergency departments. Click here for the full article.